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We offer math mastery using blended learning approach - online adaptive learning and classroom learning, all designed to help your child reach their full potential. We create a personalized program designed around a student's strengths and weaknesses. Quantum's individualized teaching method has helped students master mathematics.

In-class Blended

​• Quantum's online adaptive learning platform

• Classroom instruction

• Individualized learning experience

• Content that supports a particular learning style and pace

Online Blended

​• Quantum's online adaptive learning platform

• Online tutor

• Personalized support

• Flexibility for students and parents

• Expert online tutors adjust the learning path based on     each student's unique abilities and academic needs


​• Quantum's online adaptive learning program

• Complete instructional videos, text and multimedia interactives

• Automated feedback and a social learning platform

• Optimize learning, engagement and support

Algebra Prep is a subdivision of Quantum Prep.